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IFL Overview

For a high level description of the IFL and its capabilities, see the IFL website "About the IFL" page.
What tools the IFL provides:
  • A 55 camera Vicon system distributed across two rooms that can be used separately or combined.
  • Two GTAE-IT managed Windows 10 PCs (one in each IFL room) equipped with high end network cards for interfacing with the Vicon hardware, and installed with Vicon Tracker.
  • A TP Link WiFi router connected to the IFL1 PC for connecting remote devices to the IFL network.
  • A Github repo containing multiple options for connecting to the IFL network and getting Vicon data onboard your vehicle.
What the IFL does not provide:
  • Vicon markers (these can be bought at B&L Engineering)
  • Any robots (ground or aerial) or associated hardware
  • Any hardware or software for implementing specific functionality (such as radio links, microcontrollers, or robot command/control software)
What tools the IFL will be adding in the future:
  • A multi-purpose parameter identification rig for measuring a robot's mass, 3D center of mass, and mass moment of inertia [in progress].
  • A 3DOF dynamic gimbal rig for restrained flight, enabling safe initial gain tuning [in progress].
  • A static thrust/torque rig for characterizing the mechanical and electrical performance of an individual motor/prop or an entire airframe up to a certain size.
  • Additional software capabilities
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