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Using Shared Code

The goal of the IFL Codebase is to enable current and future researchers to minimize their research setup time by sharing any software functionality developed by past researchers. Over time the codebase will hopefully expand and improve.
The IFL repo can be found here. GT credentials are required for access. You are more than welcome to freely use and modify any of the code in the codebase, but we ask that you do so with these comments in mind:
  • There is no guarantee that the code will immediately work for you, or that it will provide robust and reliable results in your application. As such, don't blindly trust the code and rigorously test it (especially before flying).
  • Since the code is provided voluntarily as a courtesy, often times by fellow students/researchers who have little bandwidth at the best of times, please be respectful of the code authors' time and do not bombard them with questions. Make sure you explore all debugging avenues and have specific questions before reaching out.
  • Please endeavor to appropriately credit/cite/reference/acknowledge any code authors whose code you used, along with the IFL.
  • If you find any bugs, please report on Github and, where reasonable, propose a fix via a merge request
  • Where reasonable/permissible please pay forward the benefit you received in using the IFL and IFL Codebase with any code (or general info/tips) that you developed that may have benefit to others in the future