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Current Status

As of 6/28/21:
  • For general use of the space not needing Vicon, only IFL1 is available to schedule.
  • IFL2 is temporarily being used to host surplus equipment for the next couple of weeks.
  • For Vicon use, only IFL1 can currently be used. IFL2 PC is ready to go but needs an ethernet cable running securely to the switch box.
IFL planned future works:
  • Installation of server racks for the network switches and Lock
  • Running of ethernet cable from network switch to IFL2 PC
  • Improved power switching
  • Cable re-positioning to allow the IFL1 screen to fully drop
  • Installation of permanent calibration markers
  • Installation of TV screen on bracket by IFL1 control booth
  • Floor markings denoting geometric center and grid or similar
  • Height markings
  • Successful calibration of IFL1+IFL2 combined calibration
  • Review and potential upgrade of WiFi router